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Nov. 21 2016
Updated league schedule is here.

Again this year we have added a table to the Standings page which reflects the team rankings based on percentage.

Team Captains, remember to report your wins and losses, batting avg, RBIs and home runs to
Bob Nevins at 649-3209
or send via email at



CUMC#2 Stays On Top for Second Week

  • Crestwood UMC#2 stays out in front with 13 wins.
  • Dennis Mangum of Buckner Baptist holds the batting average lead with a .594
  • Chet Rozak maintains HR lead with 10.
  • Todd Burns of Crestwood Baptist still leads in the RBI race with 19.

Team of the Week 

Again, both teams swept their competition, so that makes...

Crestwood Baptist AND Mt. Tabor UMC teams of the Week



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